A new fusion of Hostel and Capsule - Khaosan Tokyo opens "Samurai Capsule"

A new fusion of Hostel and Capsule - Khaosan Tokyo opens

"Capsule hotel"style dormitory

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On July 18, " Khaosan Tokyo Samurai Capsule Hotel" located near the Tsukuba Express Asakusa station opened it's doors. Floors 1 to 4 consists of 4 rooms with a total of 66 capsules, while on the 5th floor is a lounge and kitchen. Laundry and smoking spaces are situated on the 6th floor of the establishment. The concept of the design replicates the feeling of entering a "tea-room", encompassing the ideals of "design, safety, and privacy" valued by so-called "Flashpackers".

The capsule has dimensions of 1.5 tatami mats (roughly 2.4 square metres), in addition to a lockable drawer as well as retractable mini-desk. The Japanese style furniture is made from solid wood. The entryway has numerous electrical sockets to allow travellers to charge their devices without the need to make their way all the way to their capsules to charge.

Previously, the building was occupied by a high-end Yakiniku restaurant. Following renovations to transform it to the hostel, the luxurious decor and interior of the lounge was left as-is in order to maintain an air luxury and comfort. In addition to the beauty and cleanliness of the space, "communication" is an important element they have strived to provide a progressive hostel atmosphere together with staff and guests. Elements of "unfinished" areas of the place emphasize this notion of progress, it is asserted.

This hotel would make it the 7th establishment under the Khaosan group. The colourful interior popular with female guests at the "Khaosan Tokyo Laboratory", or the pink-salmon coloured "Khaosan Tokyo Origami" illustrates the group's aims to cater to the variety of tastes and needs of a variety of customers with respect to hostel and guesthouses. The name "Khaosan" is derived from Khaosan road in Bangkok, thought to be a Mecca for backpackers. Therefore, it is a name thought to be easily recognizable for backpackers, which the group caters to. Hostelworld.com has named "Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki" as no.1 guesthouse in Asia for the year 2014.

"The importance of interaction between people is something we find very important, therefore we believe that our staff are a very valuable asset. In order to assemble great staff, we must continue to do something fun" group head Mr. Ozawa asserts. He pursues in integrating aspects of Japanese culture to develop the Khaosan hostel brand. As someone with experience backpacking, he had embarked on a backpacking trip across the Silk road during his student days. "When going on a journey, a 'switch' engages when travelling in unfamiliar environments. Everyone has that 'switch', I hope we can help engage that while they are travelling. In order to keep customers happy, we strive to find new ways and challenge convention" he beams.

Room rates are as follows: Standard (3,400 yen), Deluxe (3,600 yen). Reserving from the Khaosan official site grants a 200 yen discount. In addition, reservations can be made through these four sites: Hostelworld, Booking.com, Agoda.com, and Expedia.