Halal Certified Beef and Chicken in Asakusa - Horsemeat specialty shop to cater to influx

Halal Certified Beef and Chicken in Asakusa - Horsemeat specialty shop to cater to influx

Store manager Mr.Odagiri and producer Mr.Takeuchi

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Located close to Tokyo Metro's Asakusa's station, "Basashiya Masashi", a restaurant specialising in Horsemeat started serving "Halal" certified beef and chicken from July 1.

The restaurant specializes in serving Horsemeat source directly from Kumamoto. To cater to the diverse dietary needs of the many tourists populating Asakusa, where cultural backgrouds present some resistance to eating Horsemeat, the restaurant has started the service, specifically aimed at the increasing number of Muslim holidaymakers. Such tailored service has included serving couples with "one plate of horsemeat, and one plate of beef", proving popular for walk-in customers.

In order to achieve Halal certification, food must be prepared according to the practices of Islamic law. This has also gained the interest for people other than muslims with regards to concerns for food sanitation. The restaurant utilizes meat which has specifically prepared in order to gain Halal certification.

As for the establishment's specialty for Horsemeat, as the origin of the meat is sourced from one animal, it is said to be delicious and fresh. Brand producer Mr. Takeuchi enthuses "To write [Kanji] for 'eating', is basically writing 'making the person good'. Eating great food together with someone special, or your dear family will foster great relationships. Whether it be a friend, or someone you love, going out to eat with someone special is one of 'happy moments' in which this place can play a role.

Restaurant manager Mr. Oda says "Historically speaking, Horsemeat has a very deep and rich history in Asakusa. Yoshiwara district (entertainment district) was situated around Oku-Asakusa and present-day Minowa, where the Horsemeat hotpot was traditionally eaten. I want to spread the notion of 'Horsemeat as a staple to Asakusa", whilst presenting Halal certified meat of high quality".

The menu mainly consists of: Halal Sukiyaki Set; Halal Shabu-shabu set (From 1,480 Yen), Special Horse sashimi (Roast, Horse Yukke, Abdomen, from 680 yen), Mane (480yen), Fillet tataki (800yen), Horsemeat sushi (200 yen), Horsemeat sashimi platter (1,980 yen), Horsemeat sausage (1,380 yen), Horse sashimi and meat course (2,980 yen), among others.

Business hours are 16:00~23:30. (Sat, Sun, and holidays from 12~)