A Halal certified cafe opens in Asakusa on memorial day for world peace

A Halal certified cafe opens in Asakusa on memorial day for world peace

Store manager is Aya FUJIGAMORI.

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Taking place in conjunction with the observance of Memorial day for world peace marked the opening of Sekai cafe, situated close to Asakusa's Kaminarimon. (1 Asakusa, Taito-Ku TEL 080-6812-8865) Having opened its doors on November 11, 2014 at 11:11 - the halal certified cafe aims to cater to travellers' needs, with vegan, and other offerings for those with allergies. It is operated by JSIR (Japan System Integrated Research).

All offerings on the menu are hand-prepared, with ingredients such as meats, crustaceans, eggs, and noodles illustrated on an easy-to-understand pictogram showing the dietary guidelines (allergies, religious restrictions). This allows customers to easily identify foods they can enjoy.

The opening, coinciding with the Memorial day for world peace was chosen, as stated by shop manager Ms. Aya Fujigamori: "We decided to open on this day due to the significance of the theme of world peace. We want to bring smiles to foreign tourists." She also adds "From now on, we would like to be able to cater to the eating habits of not only halal and vegans, but other religions as well"

Halal refers to food that Muslims can partake - while it is standard in the Middle-east, there are only a handful of shops that are certified in Japan. Ms. Fujigamori confers that "Although they came all the way here especially to enjoy, if they have difficulty with the food, their enjoyment will be reduced by half. I want to make this place that foreign tourists will remember".

The main items on the menu consist of: Lunch set, Chicken and vegetable oven-grilled, Fresh salad pizza, Grilled vegetable pizza (all from 1,000 yen), Grilled seasonal vegetables and lamb steak (1,200 yen), etc.

Drinks include: American coffee, Blended coffee (S=350 yen, M=400 yen), Cafe latte, Black tea (from 400 yen), Freshly squeezed 100% grapefruit juice (450 yen), Today's green smoothie, Today's soup bowl (from 500 yen), etc.

Operating hours are from 08:00~20:00.