Transformation studio in Asakusa - Popular with foreign men as it fulfills 'Longing to become Samurai'

Transformation studio in Asakusa - Popular with foreign men as it fulfills 'Longing to become Samurai'

Gorgeous "kimono" set

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Having opened its doors for 3 months now, the transformation studio "Nanairo" is located strategically close to Asakusa's Kaminarimon. (2 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tel: 03-3843-7716).

The studio gives customers the opportunity to transform to courtesans, geishas , samurais and ninjas, in addition to being able to wear the said costumes while strolling around the streets of Asakusa. Customers are able to choose from a variety of sets, including the following: Courtesan set, Japanese style room set, and a white-background set suitable for composite photography. A professional make-up artist and photographer will photograph you, in which three (3) 2L size (5R prints) in addition to CD-ROM data of your photographs can be made. As an option, a photo album can be composed as well.

To complete the transformation of the customer, a wide variety of products relevant to the appearance is offered. To ensure authenticity and style in mind, staff-members experienced in Kimono selection aid in selection of costumes and accessories for the customer. All costumes are specifically made and arranged by this studio. The studio strives to fulfill the customer's dream by finding the right costume and accessories based on ideal appearance and wishes. Store manager Kazunori Tani states: "Hospitality as service is foremost, but I want to make customers smile".

Generally, reservations are required. Due to its location however, there are many walk-in customers in the form of foreign tourists who want to do transformations. Mr. Tani mentions "There are actually a lot of male foreign tourists who yearn to be samurais, and enjoy wearing the costumes". The wig transforming one into the hero of the Japanese film which gained international acclaim "Ruroni Kenshin" is also particularly popular. Depending on the amount of reservations, walk-in customers may also be accepted.

"I hope this becomes a place where people from various countires can enjoy all sorts of costumes. I would like this studio to be a starting point from where people can enjoy the sights of Asakusa" Mr. Tani reflects.

The main "transformations" menu are as follows: "Courtesan"(19,000 yen~); "Geisha / Maiko" (From 25,000 yen~); "Samurai (casual)"(9,000 yen); "Samurai (w/Hakama)"(14,000 yen~); "w/Black Crested Haori" (12,000 yen~). The "Kimono stroll plan" starts at 6,000 yen~.

Business hours: 10:00~19:00 (Last acceptance will be at 17:00).