Halal certified ramen shop in Asakusa - Popular with foreign customers

Halal certified ramen shop in Asakusa - Popular with foreign customers

"Asakusa ramen" of the Narita-ya

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Near the iconic Sensoji temple lies the halal certified ramen shop Naritaya (2 Asakusa, Taito-Ku TEL: 0294-51-5257), which opened its doors two months ago.

Mr. Yohei Sato, the shop's manager, has experience working at a halal restaurant in Malaysia for one and a half years. "There were tourists distressed with the fact that there are no halal restaurants while visiting Japan" he alludes as a reason for deciding to establish a shop in Asakusa.

The shop offers a menu in which all items are halal certified. This is ensured through the following: Soy sauce that does not contain any alcohol additives and is certified by the mosque, sesame oil as an alternative to lard, for Char siu (pork fillet) chicken meat is utilised - these are to ensure that muslim customers, who cannot eat pork due to religious reasons, can patronise the shop as well. Indonesia leads muslim tourist numbers, followed by Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and others. A French tourist who learned of the shop online happily says: "I came because its halal, hence I can enjoy the food."

To accommodate the Islamic prayer rituals practiced five times a day (Salat), a space for prayer has been made on the second floor. On the wall is a Gibla compass marking the direction of Mecca. Praying without having to dine is permitted.

The menu consists of Asakusa ramen, Roast chicken maze soba, Zarumen. (All 700 yen). Toppings are as follows: Chicken Char siu (200 yen), Egg / leek / seaweed (100 yen). Halal certified bento boxes consisting of Salmon fry or Hamburger steak are also available (1,000 yen~, reservation two days before required).

"For the Muslim tourists who until recently have been hesitant to visit Japan, I would like to work hard to increase the shop's publicity and level of service in order to reassure them while they travel" Mr. Sato enthuses.

Business hours: 11:00~22:00 (Saturday, Sunday is 8:00~20:00).