Handkerchief specialty store "Kamawane" reaches 1st year milestone, introducing limited pattern of four seasons of Kaminarimon

Handkerchief specialty store

A manager and salesclerk

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One year has passed since handkerchief specialty store "Kamawane" opened near the Asakusa town hall. (1 Asakusa, Taito-Ku TEL 03-6231-6466).

"Kamawane" dates its establishment back to 1987 in Daikanyama. Realizing the deep historical and cultural ties of craftsmanship in Asakusa, the store opened it's 8th store in the area to immerse in the environment encompassing these ideals. The name of the shop finds its origins from notion that "although special hospitality cannot be given, people can come in without hesitation".

The store's concept emphasizes "attracting young people to entice them to use handkerchiefs". This is conveyed through the use of modern interiors complementing the display of handkerchiefs. Store manager Ms. Kousei Iwata shares "While there are a lot of elderly customers, Kimono-wearing young women and couples are popular as well." A handkerchief limited to Asakusa called "Asakusa goyomi" depicts patterns expressing the four seasons around Kaminarimon. Although intimacy of these handkerchiefs are low amongst foreign tourists populating Asakusa, lengthened versions for use as scarves are also available.

The use of a special hand-dying technique known as "Chuusen", developed during the Meiji period, ensures that there is no reverse side. Handkerchiefs originated as ornaments for attires used during Shinto rituals dating back to the Heian period, but became an everyday staple during the Edo period as a result of the cultivation of cotton. Over 200 patterns can be enjoyed, wherein "many different worlds can be weaved into one piece, hence the enjoyment" it is said.

Ms. Miho Akiba, a web planning chief enthuses "handkerchiefs can be used for over 10 years, softening and creating an attachment to it over time". She adds that enjoying the fading of colours and the change in fabrics is likened to "the raising of handkerchiefs." Ms. Akiba reflects "I hope to be able to share to young people learn to enjoy handkerchiefs".

Main items include: "Asakusa Goyomi" (4 kinds: 1,260 yen each), "Asakusa Chouchin" (streetlights, 1,080 yen), "Asakusa Kakehashikakushi" (1,512 yen), "Benkeijima" (1,404 yen), etc.

Business hours: 10:00~18:30