Asakusa's only "Comb" specialty shop in business for 300 years -polishing it's traditional craft to suit needs of today

Asakusa's only

The shop where there is taste built early in the Showa era

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Located along Denbouin-dori street, the "Yonoya comb shop", which specialises in the crafting and selling of combs marks 300 years since its establishment. (1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, TEL 03-3844-1755).

In 1717, founder Minekawa Saburo established the shop, branding it "Yonoya comb shop". It was around 80 years ago when the shop relocated from the Hongo district in Bunkyo ward to its present location of Asakusa. 8th generation present shopkeeper Mr. Saito Yutaka beams: "I chose to succeed the store because I wanted to return the kindness shown to me by the previous generation."

The duration in crafting the combs can be measured in a scale of a year, Mr. Saito mentions. "We cannot craft these simply from cut wood. The wood must be dried for a length of half-a-year, where a third of the moisture is removed. Following that, it is left for another half-a-year to strengthen the board through a natural process of exposure to moisture and temperature.

The conduction of static electricity and frictional heat is stifled, therefore allowing for the natural massaging of the scalp. It is said: "As a tool to make hair beautiful, hairdressing combs has been used for two to three generations, so long as it is used with care."

" Since the time of establishment, the material used is sourced from Ibusuki in Kagoshima prefectue. The wood grows at a moderate pace, therefore optimal for comb-making." it is added.

While there are many foreign tourists in Asakusa, Mr. Saito comments "I especially want Japanese females to use them. The combs, crafted through time-honoured methods and materials, can best be appreciated by the Japanese who understand these qualities." Additionally, Mr. Saito realises the importance of maintaining traditions spanning hundreds of years, whilst catering to the hairstyle needs of today. As a result, improvements in shape have been incorporated to make it easier for today's women to use.

Main products offered are as follows: Tokashi brush (For short, semi-long, long hair) 11.5 cm (from 5,800 yen), 12.5 cm (from 12,000 yen), and 13.5 cm (16,800 yen).

"As Asakusa's only comb specialty shop, I really want to pass on a great thing for future generations" Mr. Saito aspires.

Business hours: 10:30~18:00. (Closed on Wednesdays)